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Bug#379063: DDPO: include data about versions in Ubuntu

Christoph Berg wrote:
> My current plan is to have a list of additional distributions that is
> configurable for opt-in/out, also including backports.org that is
> already shown now. Ubuntu would be disabled per default, bpo probably
> enabled. That way we can easily add more derivatives and still not
> clutter the display for the "default" user.
Well, you (as in DDPO maintainers) have been doing a good job of
balancing clutter and information richness. As I've pointed out to Lucas
in private mail, in the end, I'd like to get two pages, one for Debian
only and one for/with Ubuntu information.
Given that Ubuntu uses different bug reporting and tracking,
maintainership concepts and such, I'm not quite sure how you want to
integrate that into "regular", unforked DDPO, but then, you've come up
with ingenious solutions so far.

Note that the lack of a good contact information has bugged me also for bpo.

Kind regards

Thomas Viehmann, http://thomas.viehmann.net/

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