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Bug#377673: developer.php: task view support

user qa.debian.org@packages.debian.org
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Re: Gustavo Franco 2006-07-10 <[🔎] 5fabd6fd0607100759v7c3954dn76f1f6bca280f7fc@mail.gmail.com>
> I would like to point my browser at[0] and see the status of all the
> packages in the <taskname> task. It would be specially useful to check
> the task health (unstable->testing transition status and bugs).

Interesting idea. Is the task list by itself useful, or does it
require all dependencies listed to be of any use?

> I can help writing this feature, but i don't know if the developer.php
> code is being maintained in the cvs, svn or somewhere else.

cvs.debian.org, module qa, wml/developer.wml and data/ddpo/*.

> [0] = http://qa.debian.org/developer.php?task=<taskname>

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