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Re: Please check if these packages should be removed

On 2006-04-04, Matej Vela <vela@debian.org> wrote:
> Anyway, since no one objected to a spring time cleaning, I'd like to
> post the following list to debian-devel-announce, with a three week
> deadline for adopting.  Feel free to suggest stricter/more relaxed
> criteria.

It seems nobody has done so. I, for one, am happy. :-)

> falconseye -- A port of NetHack using SDL [#320075]
>   * Orphaned 251 days ago.
>   * Last upstream release 506 days ago:
>     <http://prdownloads.sf.net/falconseye/nethack_source_331_jtp_193.zip>
>   * 1 RC bug.

As you can see, this isometric semi-3D GUI to NetHack is no longer
maintained upstream. Instead of this, most people nowadays play Vulture's
Eye, which is based on Falcon's Eye.

Even though it's old, Falcon's Eye still works and is still fun. I have
submitted a patch to the outstanding RC bug at
http://bugs.debian.org/353552 and I hope my patch will make it into the

I also started work on packaging vultureseye but did not submit an ITP
because I am unsure if I will finish the packaging anytime in the next 6
months. I got fairly far though. If anyone would like me to post my
.diff.gz, email me. I would be extremely glad if someone else finished
work on my .diff, packaged vultureseye, and maintained it. :-)

> ilisp -- Emacs interface to LISP implementations [#284376]
>   * Orphaned 484 days ago.
I think ilisp should be kept: I have used it recently with clisp and it
still works fine.

> log4cpp-doc -- A C++ library for flexible logging (documentation) [#288337]
>   * Orphaned 456 days ago.
>   * Last upstream release 249 days ago:
>     <http://prdownloads.sf.net/log4cpp/log4cpp-docs-0.3.5rc3.tar.gz>

This is a doc package. It requires very little maintenance.

> psh -- interactive shell with the power of perl [#344748]
>   * Orphaned 100 days ago.
>   * Last upstream release 1172 days ago:
>     <http://www.focusresearch.com/gregor/download/psh-1.8.tar.gz>

Psh may be old but I tried it recently out of curiosity and it works

> xbox-raincoat -- Xbox BIOS flasher [#314674]
>   * Orphaned 291 days ago.
>   * Last upstream release 180 days ago:
>     <http://prdownloads.sf.net/xbox-linux/raincoat-0.11.tbz2>

There are no bugs against this package, though I admit the package is
only useful to Xbox owners who want to run homebrew software on their
Xbox. But, why propose to remove a non-buggy package? :-)

Jason Spiro

When you open Windows, bugs get in!

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