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RM: iceme, icepref -- RoQA; orphaned, outdated

retitle 227054 RM: iceme -- RoQA; orphaned, outdated
reassign 227054 ftp.debian.org
retitle 227077 RM: icepref -- RoQA; orphaned, outdated
reassign 227077 ftp.debian.org

Please remove iceme and icepref.

  * Orphaned for two and a half years.  Adopter agrees with removal:
  * Both are outdated with respect to current IceWM.  The suggested
    replacement is icewmcp (being packaged; see #216301).
  * popcon:
    - icepref: 303 installs, 64 votes.
    - icewm: 219 installs, 42 votes.



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