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Re: Bug#379063: DDPO: include data about versions in Ubuntu

Re: Thomas Viehmann 2006-07-21 <[🔎] 44C10E38.4040402@beamnet.de>
> Well, you (as in DDPO maintainers) have been doing a good job of
> balancing clutter and information richness. As I've pointed out to Lucas
> in private mail, in the end, I'd like to get two pages, one for Debian
> only and one for/with Ubuntu information.
> Given that Ubuntu uses different bug reporting and tracking,
> maintainership concepts and such, I'm not quite sure how you want to
> integrate that into "regular", unforked DDPO, but then, you've come up
> with ingenious solutions so far.

So far I only intend to list the Ubuntu versions just like it is done
for all additional package versions (bpo/incoming/volatile/whatever).
This would be a link to the launchpad page. (Please point me to a
better place if there is one.)

If we want more integration/information, this should be done in the
PTS. This would probably require to dynamically render the pages
there, or at least a reordering of the layout such that the left
column doesn't overflow.

Re: Alexander Wirt 2006-07-21 <[🔎] 20060721180249.GZ24613@ned.snow-crash.org>
> > Note that the lack of a good contact information has bugged me also for bpo.
> What is missing (except from a better website)? (Do you know: http://www.backports.org/~formorer/)

A mere link to that page ;)

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