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Re: taking over a neglected RC-buggy package

On Friday 14 July 2006 21:06, Amaya wrote:
> Hi there, George (and Polkan)


> George Danchev wrote:
> > 	Advice: I've been told to consult the QA team for advice and for
> > formal MIA tracking. If the package is to be left in the cold, I'm
> > ready to take it over adding myself to Uploaders:, while the original
> > Maintainer: will remain as it is. Well, I'm still in the NM queue, so
> > I'll need a sponsor also.
> I'd be happy to sponsor your work in shc, please feel free to hijack it.
> I am Cc:ing the maintainer. The package is in bad shape, so just go
> ahead. I might even orphan it if I don't see any package updates from
> any of you soon.

Good. Let's do that as real NMU first, i.e. with Polkan as maintainer and let 
him has his last chance to respond. For the next upload I will add myself in 
Uploaders, along with keeping him in Maintainer: also.

> Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

You are welcome.

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