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185 Packages that look orphaned amphetamine_0.8.10-5_i386.changes ACCEPTED amphetamine-data_0.8.7-9_i386.changes ACCEPTED bmv_1.2-15_i386.changes ACCEPTED Bug#100426: amazing patch works like a charm Bug#103239: 2*(x)-0.1 Bug#106208: marked as done (tcpslice needs newer config.{guess,sub}) Bug#113259: marked as done (tcpslice_1.1a3-1(unstable): fails to build from source due to time.h) Bug#113833: marked as done (ddts: notification about de translation of the pdfscreen description) Bug#116886: marked as done (french.po for cooledit) Bug#117336: marked as done (megahal: should allow importation of text files) Bug#118472: acknowledged by developer (Bug#118472: fixed in gnome-sudo 0.3-1.1) Bug#121686: marked as done (fails to build from source on alpha) Bug#122471: marked as done (gutenbrowser: looking for /usr/share/gutenbrowser/COPYING) Bug#13226: marked as done (scotty: ALT-W results in a Tcl error message ...) Bug#136506: get Xanax and save some money Bug#136506: hey its me the new me lol Bug#136506: (no subject) Bug#139850: marked as done (libgdkxft0: position of caret is incorrect when typing anti-aliased lines, and characters overlap) Bug#139866: marked as done (immediate crash on alpha) Bug#141065: marked as done (libgtkada1-dev: doc-base file refers to wrong file) Bug#141697: marked as done (cvs-conf install hangs if you say no) Bug#141747: marked as done (libgdkxft0 breaks lib{gtk,glib}1.2-dbg completely) Bug#14186: marked as done (scotty: tkined: Problems with SNMP-Host) Bug#143612: marked as done (libgdkxft0: Does not display iso8859-2 characters (iso8859-1 instead)) Bug#143967: prboom should have setuid option Bug#144554: marked as done (libopengl-perl: should not depend on libXIE) Bug#144898: marked as done (libcorba-orbit-perl: endianness problems) Bug#145761: marked as done (libgtkada1-dev: gate produces exception) Bug#145821: marked as done (libgdkxft0: please add evolution to the list of ignore applications) Bug#145891: marked as done (libgtkada package misnamed) Bug#149791: marked as done (cvs-conf: /usr/doc/cvs-conf link not created on install) Bug#149792: marked as done (cvs-conf: debconf question lacks any explanation) Bug#149793: marked as done (cvs-conf: uses example files in postinst in contravention of policy) Bug#149795: marked as done (cvs-conf: no documentation) Bug#150618: marked as done (libgtkada1-dev: compilation with gnat-3.1) Bug#151042: marked as done ((no subject)) Bug#151245: marked as done (libgdkxft0: Doesn't work with gtk+ 2.0) Bug#151911: marked as done (gutenbrowser: doc problem -> help browser unable to find doc) Bug#151913: marked as done (gutenbrowser: config options not saved :() Bug#153793: i love life to the fullest now Bug#153793: (no subject) Bug#154481: marked as done (libgtkada1-dev: depends von libgnome) Bug#156140: marked as done (libgdkxft0: gnucash crashes when using LD_PRELOAD=libgdkxft) Bug#156215: marked as done (tcpslice uninstallable because of libpcap change) Bug#157467: marked as done (libconfigreader-perl: binary-arch Vs Architecture: all) Bug#165101: marked as done (libghttp1: ghttp_flush_response_buffer() induces failures on requests of unpredictable length) Bug#166057: marked as done (scotty: please add --enable-multicast to ./configure) Bug#167276: marked as done (libgdkxft0: Append to LD_PRELOAD instead of clobbering it in Gnome-AA) Bug#168900: marked as done (metalog: please support "magnitude suffixes" similar to (eg) bind8: 'm' mega(byte) or 'd' days) Bug#168902: marked as done (metalog: hash protected logfiles?) Bug#170005: marked as done (xwave: FTBFS: Obsolete Build-Depends on libxaw-dev) Bug#170061: marked as done (libconfigreader-perl: Uses dh_testversion which is deprecated) Bug#170067: marked as done (tux-aqfh: It doesn't run) Bug#172886: marked as done (cvsweb: spelling/grammar bug in man page) Bug#173015: marked as done (jpegoptim: Several minor code problems) Bug#177794: marked as done (crm114: Opens crm files read-write) Bug#182753: marked as done (please implement output to xconsole ) Bug#182754: marked as done (metalog: war is peace ) Bug#183566: marked as done (FTBFS: Fails to build with xlibmesa-gl-dev) Bug#187779: marked as done (cvs-conf: [wishlist] Update packaging to use the newer gettext-based debconf template translation) Bug#188389: marked as done (metalog: Compatibility with syslog) Bug#191760: Infinite recursion on configuration Bug#192621: marked as done (libnids: new version available) Bug#193292: marked as done (libopengl-perl: /usr/lib/perl5/auto/OpenGL/ needs Bug#193819: marked as done (libgnome-gnorba-perl: New version of GNOME::GNORBA available from CPAN (0.1.0 > 0.0.2)) Bug#198534: marked as done (gutenbrowser: FTBFS: Tries to use g++-3.3 with qt2) Bug#201133: marked as done (megahal menu section 'Apps/AI' does not follow menu policy) Bug#202267: marked as done ( evas override disparity) Bug#202688: marked as done (tcpslice: 'ymdhmsu' time format appears not to work) Bug#202806: New version ? Bug#205764: marked as done (cvs-conf: Please switch to gettext-based debconf templates) Bug#206089: marked as done (libcorba-orbit-perl: Version does not allow casting to "Object"-type, as needed in a nameserver.) Bug#207127: marked as done (cvs-conf: French translation of gettext debconf templates) Bug#209219: marked as done (metalog should replace klogd) Bug#209660: marked as done (The package description does not follow Debian policy) Bug#209713: marked as done (The package description does not follow Debian policy) Bug#209750: marked as done (The package description does not follow Debian policy) Bug#209782: marked as done (The package description does not follow Debian policy) Bug#209793: marked as done (The package description does not follow Debian policy) Bug#209805: marked as done (The package description does not follow Debian policy) Bug#210360: marked as done (php4-ming not installable) Bug#210360: php4-ming not installable Bug#212145: cryptoloop for 2.4.22-2.4.24 Bug#214149: [Crm114-general] Re: crm114-20040102-1.0-SanityCheck-auto.1.tar.gz Bug#214760: marked as done (gutenbrowser: Gutenbrowser ought to be updated to work with qt3) Bug#214763: marked as done (gutenbrowser: Needs thorough spelling/grammar check for English) Bug#215228: marked as done (php4-ming and php4 3.3.3-1) Bug#217210: marked as done (dict-de-en: Please recode to utf-8) Bug#217318: marked as done (new version available) Bug#217686: marked as done (xmountains: Needs recompilation with new vroot.h (flickers w/ xinerama under xscreensaver)) Bug#217800: marked as done (metalog: bad management of init scripts in control files) Bug#218723: marked as done (metalog: does not close/redirect stdin) Bug#221354: reproducible Bug#222824: marked as done (dict-de-en: some headwords are not properly indexed) Bug#222848: marked as done (Wrong permisions on files in /var/log/) Bug#223202: marked as done (request-tracker: FTBFS: Cannot find any files to chmod (missing Build-Depends?)) Bug#223990: conceptual patch Bug#225060: marked as done (libgtkada1-dev: libgtkada1 must be recompiled with gnat 3.15p) Bug#225146: segfault in crm114 when using classify Bug#225202: marked as done (gutenbook: Crashes with "not a reference" line 124 in Bug#226241: libming-dev: mingpp.h can't be compiled Bug#226241: marked as done (libming-dev: mingpp.h can't be compiled) Bug#226356: Buffer overflow vulnerability (CAN-2003-0850) Bug#226356: marked as done (Buffer overflow vulnerability (CAN-2003-0850)) Bug#226526: libgtk-perl: implicitly declared function returns a pointer that is used Bug#226536: libming: implicitly declared function returns a pointer that is used Bug#226536: marked as done (libming: implicitly declared function returns a pointer that is used) Bug#226553: emelfm: implicitly declared function returns a pointer that is used Bug#226650: wn: implicitly declared function returns a pointer that is used Bug#226711: marked as done ([PATCH] fix off-by-one-line behavior in example bot after saving) Bug#226711: [PATCH] fix off-by-one-line behavior in example bot after saving Bug#226711: [PATCH] fix off-by-one-line behavior in example bot after saving Bug#226780: crm114: cannot read the program file Bug#226780: marked as done (crm114: cannot read the program file) Bug#226895: dict-freedict-eng-rus: unreadable Bug#226904: dict-freedict-eng-rus: copyright file is misformatted Bug#227249: elm-me+: crashes on some pgp-signed mails Bug#227260: fwanalog: Japanese po-debconf template translation (ja.po) Bug#227513: dict-de-en: Should depend on dict-server instead of dictd Bug#227513: marked as done (dict-de-en: Should depend on dict-server instead of dictd) Bug#228187: gtkgraph: infinite loop Bug#228259: gtkgraph: infinite loop Bug#228442: 3dwm-server: wrong dependency - omniorb4-nameserver (server) should replace omniorb4 (client) Bug#228564: gnats: Please update Dependencies to exim4 Bug#228569: jitterbug: Please update Dependencies to exim4 Bug#228741: libcorba-orbit-perl: Conversion from string to CORBA::LongLong and CORBA::ULongLong is broken Bug#228742: libcorba-orbit-perl: Conversion from string to CORBA::LongLong and CORBA::ULongLong is broken Bug#228743: libcorba-orbit-perl: Conversion from string to CORBA::LongLong and CORBA::ULongLong is broken Bug#228814: encompass: doesn't provide www-browser virtual package Bug#228883: jde: "itimer timeout value not positive: 0.0" when loading Java files Bug#228883: Not specific to JDE Bug#228993: nwrite complains about X logins unnecessarily Bug#229081: linux-wlan-ng: support for USR 2410 card commented out in /etc/pcmcia/wlan-ng.conf Bug#229242: pong: gnome-help should be replaced by yelp Bug#229245: multi-gnome-terminal-doc: gnome-help Depends should be replaced by yelp Bug#229320: Future FTBFS - libasound2-dev source incompatibility Bug#229434: dict-de-en: FTBFS: Missing Build-Depends Bug#229434: marked as done (dict-de-en: FTBFS: Missing Build-Depends) Bug#229615: please remove cooledit Bug#229732: encompass: Does not start Bug#230009: gtkgraph: incorrectly wraps graph plotting. Bug#230051: amphetamine: Binary is always stripped Bug#28688: marked as done (scotty stores files into wrong directories) Bug#50079: marked as done (Cooledit should use locale for default font selection) Bug#50532: marked as done (scotty: problem with tkined) Bug#50743: marked as done (mib search path flexibility) Bug#67469: marked as done (discover network doesn't work any more) Bug#7111: marked as done (tkined omnibus) Bug#87800: marked as done (gate uses obsolete functions) Bug#99247: marked as done (Numerous errors in source code) Catalog debconf spanish translation cdbakeoven_1.9.9+2.0.0beta2-8_i386.changes ACCEPTED CONGRATULATION. crm114_2002-11-26-3_i386.changes ACCEPTED crm114 override disparity csmash_0.6.6-2_i386.changes ACCEPTED csmash-demosong_1.2_i386.changes ACCEPTED csmash-demosong_1.2_source.changes REJECTED dia2sql_1.2-7_i386.changes ACCEPTED dict-de-en_1.1.3_i386.changes ACCEPTED Don't get busted ! ! . . . . . . . . . brocaded Don't Want To Be Busted ? ? ? . . . . . . . . buttresses Don't Want To Be Busted ? ? ? . . . . . . . . punctually encompass_0.5.99.3-3_i386.changes ACCEPTED encompass_0.5.99.3-3_source.changes REJECTED fda_1.0-4_i386.changes ACCEPTED filerunner_2.5.1-14_i386.changes ACCEPTED Bonjour ?tous. gfax_0.4.2-11_i386.changes ACCEPTED gfax_0.4.2-11_source.changes REJECTED gfpoken_0.25-3_i386.changes ACCEPTED Give her 'all-nighters" every night !! ..Give .her "all-niters" every nite ! glbiff_0.3.5-0.3_i386.changes ACCEPTED glotski_0.2-3_i386.changes ACCEPTED glotski override disparity gnome-sudo_0.3-1.1_i386.changes ACCEPTED gnome-sudo override disparity gutenbook_0.1.10-6_i386.changes ACCEPTED honoraria barter hwtools_0.8-0.5_i386.changes ACCEPTED iceme_1.0.0-12_powerpc.changes ACCEPTED icepref_1.1-17_powerpc.changes ACCEPTED Info regarding vigra   未承諾広告*2億、3億、5億9千万円収入者が続出しています。 Offre gratuite Les Echos destinée à jitterbug_1.6.2-4.5_i386.changes REJECTED juke_0.6-4_i386.changes ACCEPTED .Last .all night like male,, po~r.n,, stars libapache-auth-ldap_1.6.0-8_i386.changes ACCEPTED libapache-mod-fastcgi_2.4.0-3_i386.changes ACCEPTED libarr_0.1-51_i386.changes ACCEPTED libarr override disparity libctk_3.0.24.2_i386.changes ACCEPTED libctk override disparity libelysium_0.99.9-2_i386.changes ACCEPTED libelysium_0.99.9-2_source.changes REJECTED libelysium override disparity libextutils-f77-perl_1.14-2.2_i386.changes ACCEPTED libextutils-f77-perl override disparity Litoo's newsletter [ gnophone: segmentation fault at startup time] lsbdev-guide_0.9.5-2_i386.changes ACCEPTED /Males. last all nite over and over again Modern way of losing fanaticism we;ght natural heckle mps_1.1-3_i386.changes ACCEPTED nedit_5.3-2_i386.changes ACCEPTED neon_0.24.4-2_i386.changes ACCEPTED nesws regarding vigros buttresses nqxml_1.1.3p1-2_i386.changes ACCEPTED Re: O: evas -- enlightenment advanced canvas library Package suggestion: VOCP [PATCH] libming Bug #226536 [PATCH] php4-ming Bug #210360 #215228 pfe_0.33.34-1_i386.changes ACCEPTED Please remove libming and libming-fonts-openoffice Processed: Bug updates by debbuggtk Processed: Cannot reproduce 100426 ( crashes) Processed: Fixed in NMU of libconfigreader-perl 0.5-3 Processed: Fixed in NMU of tcpslice 1.2a2-1 Processed: libxaw-dev is long gone Processed: merging 228741 228742 228743 Processed: Re: gtkgraph: infinite loop Processed: retitle Processed: retitle 112616 to gtkfind for HURD Processed: retitle 187136 to emelfm: problems with su button Processed: retitle 187662 to xmms-singit: many problems, doesn't work Processed: retitle 99247 to Numerous errors in source code, tagging 99247 Processed: severity of 191760 is wishlist, retitle 191760 to wn: use simpler configuration interface Processed: severity of 223981 is important, merging 223981 223990 ... ... Processed: tag 226241 + patch Processed: tagging #122626 Processed: tagging 186130 Processed: tagging 74571 Processed: tagging pt_BR l10n related bugs Processed: tag l10n related bugs [1/7] Processed: tag l10n related bugs [2/7] Processed: tag l10n related bugs [3/7] Processed: tag l10n related bugs [6/7] Processed: tag l10n related bugs [7/7] Processing of amphetamine_0.8.10-5_i386.changes Processing of amphetamine-data_0.8.7-9_i386.changes Processing of bmv_1.2-15_i386.changes Processing of cdbakeoven_1.9.9+2.0.0beta2-8_i386.changes Processing of crm114_2002-11-26-3_i386.changes Processing of csmash_0.6.6-2_i386.changes Processing of csmash-demosong_1.2_i386.changes Processing of csmash-demosong_1.2_source.changes Processing of dia2sql_1.2-7_i386.changes Processing of dict-de-en_1.1.3_i386.changes Processing of encompass_0.5.99.3-3_i386.changes Processing of encompass_0.5.99.3-3_source.changes Processing of fda_1.0-4_i386.changes Processing of filerunner_2.5.1-14_i386.changes Processing of gfax_0.4.2-11_i386.changes Processing of gfax_0.4.2-11_source.changes Processing of gfpoken_0.25-3_i386.changes Processing of glbiff_0.3.5-0.3_i386.changes Processing of glotski_0.2-3_i386.changes Processing of gnome-sudo_0.3-1.1_i386.changes Processing of gutenbook_0.1.10-6_i386.changes Processing of hwtools_0.8-0.5_i386.changes Processing of iceme_1.0.0-12_powerpc.changes Processing of icepref_1.1-17_powerpc.changes Processing of jitterbug_1.6.2-4.5_i386.changes Processing of juke_0.6-4_i386.changes Processing of libapache-auth-ldap_1.6.0-8_i386.changes Processing of libapache-mod-fastcgi_2.4.0-3_i386.changes Processing of libarr_0.1-51_i386.changes Processing of libctk_3.0.24.2_i386.changes Processing of libelysium_0.99.9-2_i386.changes Processing of libelysium_0.99.9-2_source.changes Processing of libextutils-f77-perl_1.14-2.2_i386.changes Processing of lsbdev-guide_0.9.5-2_i386.changes Processing of mps_1.1-3_i386.changes Processing of nedit_5.3-2_i386.changes Processing of neon_0.24.4-2_i386.changes Processing of nqxml_1.1.3p1-2_i386.changes Processing of pfe_0.33.34-1_i386.changes Processing of roleplaying_2.0-10_i386.changes Processing of rtf2latex_1.0fc2-3_i386.changes Processing of scribus_1.1.4-2_i386.changes Processing of tcpslice_1.1a3-2_i386.changes Processing of tkworld_1.4.0-3_powerpc.changes Processing of usbmgr_1.0.0-1_i386.changes Processing of xwave_0.6+2-9_i386.changes Processing of zed_1.0.5-9_i386.changes roleplaying_2.0-10_i386.changes ACCEPTED rtf2latex_1.0fc2-3_i386.changes ACCEPTED scribus_1.1.4-2_i386.changes ACCEPTED Re: SERVER REPORT "4535" She'll love you all night,, over and over again! /Surprise her with the new you,,, all night ! tcpslice_1.1a3-2_i386.changes ACCEPTED they used to be the only ones. tkworld_1.4.0-3_powerpc.changes ACCEPTED Transitioning to guile 1.6 usbmgr_1.0.0-1_i386.changes ACCEPTED usbmgr override disparity xwave_0.6+2-9_i386.changes ACCEPTED .You .can do it like an ((eks-eks-eks)) movie star zed_1.0.5-9_i386.changes ACCEPTED The last update was on 17:48 GMT Sun Aug 16. 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