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Bug#212145: cryptoloop for 2.4.22-2.4.24


I made cryptoloop-source work with kernels 2.4.22-2.4.24. The package
is unmaintained, and as I am no debian developer (yet) I can't upload
it myself, but you can get binary and source debs from:

deb http://juergen.strobel.info/debian-strobel/ unstable kernel
deb-src http://juergen.strobel.info/debian-strobel/ unstable kernel

You can also get 2.4 kernel images with cryptoloop, full device mapper
support and EVMS at the same location (latest is

Maybe I can maintain this package for the 2.4 kernel line, if I'll
manage to read all the Debian devel docs sometime.


 The box said it requires Windows 95 or better so I installed Linux

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