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Bug#226711: [PATCH] fix off-by-one-line behavior in example bot after saving


Le Wed, Jan 07, 2004 at 04:09:50PM -0500, Matt Behrens écrivait:
> Package: megahal
> Version: 9.0.3-7
> When the example bot saves, megahal says something random.  That
> appears to stick in the buffer and the bot begins responding not
> to the current query but the query immediately before.
> This patch fixes that problem.

Thank you for the patch. If you use megahal in perl scripts you might
be interested in my newer package available here:


which includes bindings for perl, python and tcl.

QA people: it'd be very nice is someone would like to have a look at
my package and sponsor it. It fixes most of the open bugs, including
but not limited to the fact that the package is orphaned. Otherwise
I'll ask debian-mentors.



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