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Bug#225146: segfault in crm114 when using classify

Colin Watson wrote:
> Looks like malloc arena corruption. Could you install valgrind and run
> 'valgrind --num-callers=20 crm114 -t bin/incoming.crm </tmp/178500'?
> That should show up the location of the corruption.

I haven't gotten around to trying that version of crm with vagrind, yet.

I have, however, been in contact with the developer -- he told me that
the alpha version which we have as our release version has had two
significant subsequent releases.  Also, he has released two more
versions specifically in the context of this segfault bug [and another 
bug which I reported directly to him].  (these are: 
crm114-20031229-1.0-SanityCheck.src.tar.gz and

The classify bug appears to be no longer present in the 20031229 version,
but it's difficult to tell because the .css file format has changed [so
I couldn't properly test that bug -- it is only triggered with specific
.css files].

In my mind, the right way to deal with this problem is:

[1] Document that this problem exists, and that it can be worked around
by retraining the .css files with additional content.

[2] Downgrade the severity of this bug to normal.

[3] When the author releases 1.0, release that as a new package under
a different name (perhaps "crm") which conflicts with the alpha crm114
package.  Also, at that time, update the alpha crm114 package's 
description (and NEWS) files with a note that the package is alpha,
that it's been superceeded by the version 1.0 instance of crm, and that
the .css file formats are incompatible.

I'll do this myself if no one else gets around to it first [but I'm waiting
to get my bugs resolved before I put any time into this].



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