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Litoo's newsletter

Title: Litoo's letter
Sacré CoeurLitoo's letter 
The pure doctrine
(Si vous souhaitez recevoir notre lettre en français, voyez notre page réservée à notre lettre d'information.)
Our daly selection
The Beasts of the Apocalypse
The Beasts of the Apocalypse
Olivia Marie O'GRADY
General history
26,38 Add to cart
Joan of Arc
Joan of Arc
Hilaire BELLOC
History of the Middle Ages
11,21 Add to cart
Illustrated Bible History of the Old and New Testaments
Illustrated Bible History of the Old and New Testaments
Mgr Ignatius SCHUSTER
Sacred History
23,21 Add to cart
A commentary based on events in the warp and woof of two thousand years of history, bringing into focus the pattern of contemporary movements to establish a world government. Necessary to understand the anti-Christian conspiracy This short, easy-to-read book tells the exciting tale, filled with the supernatural, of the heroine sent by heaven to miraculously alter the course of history, remind men of Christ’s universal sovereignty and proclaim the divine mission of France The Illustrated Bible History of the Old and New Testament by Ignatius Schuster, D.D, stands in need of no recommendation to teachers. For half a century the unanimous testimony of priests and religious, in every part of the world, has placed it in the forefront of school text books designed to give children an accurate knowledge of the events recorded in the Bible. It has this special advantage over many Bible History manuals that it preserves as far as possible the very words of the inspired writers and thus tends to cultivate amongst the children a love for reading Holy Scripture
The quality chart
Signe Significance
3etoiles3.jpg (9143 octets) High quality of the text (only typographic).
3etoiles2.jpg (9005 octets) High quality of the fac-simile, reading looks like typographic text.
3etoiles1.jpg (8805 octets) Good quality of Fac-simile but with light defaults according to our originals.
3etoiles0.jpg (8612 octets) Fac-simile with a few pages hardly readable.
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