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[no subject] 더이상 감출게 없습니다.. 1:1 상담해 드립니다 <홍보> about the psplpr man page - my third email admesh_0.95-4_i386.changes INSTALLED antiword_0.31-5_i386.changes INSTALLED Bug#101824: marked as done (saytime: feature request: optionally drop seconds) Bug#105043: marked as done (Build failure on hppa (at least)) Bug#108000: marked as done (lack of documentation) Bug#109369: marked as done (kfilereplace: installing docs in wrong directory) Bug#110331: here's the fix Bug#110898: marked as done (ipmenu: override disparity) Bug#111285: patch: clisp on Alpha Bug#111787: marked as done (mpg123: Control keys not documented in manpage) Bug#112567: marked as done (timeout using mpg321) Bug#112640: marked as done (Depends: line is faulty) Bug#115830: marked as done (cooledit: Forces an email send to author at start) Bug#115987: marked as done (kmozilla starting is slow) Bug#116263: marked as done (postscript line removed from input file.) Bug#118206: awe-drv: sfxload is located in /usr/bin Bug#118969: Close? Bug#119510: marked as done (annoying brink) Bug#119696: gtml: no problems with compression anymore: please close Bug#120464: marked as done (ipmenu: manpage fixes.) Bug#120878: marked as done (libpaperg: Errors on install) Bug#121179: xmms: segfaults Bug#121459: Got microwindows to build on ppc Bug#121459: Here's the patch Bug#121459: marked as done (microwindows doesn't build from source on powerpc (at least)) Bug#121459: microwindows build status Bug#121459: oops Bug#122283: Could you try again to build ilu on powerpc? Bug#122283: marked as done (ilu doesn't build from source) Bug#123303: kyahoo: ";0,0 0" appended to things written in a chat Bug#124515: marked as done (coolicon: Spelling error in description) Bug#125142: marked as done (mmorph: Spelling error in description) Bug#125355: marked as done (sharc: Spelling error in description) Bug#125468: marked as done (vrweb: Spelling error in description) Bug#126312: marked as done (antiword: Next version available since 05 Oct 2001) Bug#126447: marked as done (kmozilla: couple of dependency issues) Bug#127084: awe-drv: Duplicate bug report Bug#127132: marked as done (cooledit fails to build from source on m68k) Bug#127472: does not build from source on powerpc and s390 Bug#127472: marked as done (does not build from source on powerpc and s390) Bug#127739: please add patch to support s390 Bug#127933: microwindows: microwindows source is organized wrong Bug#128111: awe-drv: wish a init.d script Bug#128236: xcolorsel: no scrollbars Bug#128356: marked as done (seaview: is uninstallable and without maintainer. maybe best would be to remove it) Bug#128356: seaview: is uninstallable and without maintainer. maybe best would be to remove it Bug#128357: seaview: new upstream version from 2001-11-19 Bug#128444: marked as done (zope-zpatterns_0.4.3p2-0.2(unstable/sparc): build-depends on a package with interactive install) Bug#128444: This *is* serious Bug#128444: zope-zpatterns_0.4.3p2-0.2(unstable/sparc): build-depends on a package with interactive install Bug#128444: zope-zpatterns_0.4.3p2-0.2(unstable/sparc): build-depends on a package with interactive install Bug#128608: libdcopc1: long description should be more describeable Bug#128609: dcopperl: long description should be more describing Bug#128654: kdoc: Can't read libkmid library Bug#128669: marked as done (psptools fixes for psplpr blocking and usage problem) Bug#128669: psptools fixes for psplpr blocking and usage problem Bug#129104: bug 129104 (buffer overflow + template reading in cgiemail) Bug#129257: marked as done (patch: Patch is borken when built with fakeroot) Bug#129285: kde-i18n: possibly has a trademark issue Bug#129287: marked as done (psptools: try this patch -P0 on, supercedes #128669) Bug#129287: psptools: try this patch -P0 on, supercedes #128669 Bug#129414: marked as done (psptools: try this patch -p0 on instead of #129287) Bug#129414: psptools: try this patch -p0 on instead of #129287 Bug#129437: marked as done (psptools: try this patch first, cancels previous submits) Bug#129437: psptools: try this patch first, cancels previous submits Bug#129461: marked as done (psptools: lines still dropped and duplicated) Bug#129461: psptools: lines still dropped and duplicated Bug#129746: marked as done (antiword: Antiword is outdated, does not support modern word docs) Bug#129832: marked as done (saytime: Shouldn't happen: 0 minutes) Bug#129832: saytime: Shouldn't happen: 0 minutes Bug#129950: lshell: /usr/bin/lshells/ is very ugly Bug#129951: lshell: absolute path of login shell may have 2 or more "/glshells" Bug#129952: lshell: /bin/lshells is prohibited by FHS Bug#130077: please apply attached patch to support s390 Bug#130084: german template file [playmidi 2.4-2] Bug#130155: marked as done (does not build from source) Bug#130155: (no subject) Bug#130199: backspace doesn't work Bug#130199: marked as done (backspace doesn't work) Bug#130421: upstream page is moved Bug#130802: gv: 'redisplay' is flaky Bug#130891: old kernel Bug#130891: util-linux_2.11n-3 (unstable): fails to build Bug#130891: util-linux RC bug Bug#131044: mount: patch-int- vs mount_2.11n-2 Bug#131124: additional information Bug#131124: hkgerman copyright Bug#131124: hkgerman: copyright doesn't seem to be DFSG-free Bug#131124: hkgerman: strategy Bug#131124: marked as forwarded (hkgerman: copyright doesn't seem to be DFSG-free) Bug#131282: gv: redisplay sometimes blanks the screen Bug#131335: libpaperg: papersize is re-asked when upgrading from potato Bug#131414: Broken description Bug#131745: awe-netscape-libc6: Update package description Bug#27053: Shouldn't be a problem on today's systems Bug#27273: marked as done (psplpr does not accept -P printer) Bug#43486: getty/init/X locking issues Bug#43799: marked as done (2.1r1 Install kills bsd- and other partitions) Bug#47452: marked as done (xxgdb: does not work (Cannot perform malloc)) Bug#51376: marked as done (hwclock goes berserk!) Bug#60733: saytime only screeches almost ununderstandably Bug#64314: marked as done (saytime: Patch to optionally remove announcing the seconds) Bug#65410: vbr streams don't work well Bug#65980: volume control doesn't Bug#66051: marked as done (saytime: wish for minimal configurability) Bug#66567: marked as done (awe-netscape: No installation candidate, but listed in package lists.) Bug#67346: marked as done (mpg123: .wav writing doesn't work if -b is specified) Bug#67738: marked as done (gqmpeg: window positioning and drift) Bug#68013: marked as done (gqmpeg: shuffle isn't random) Bug#72453: marked as done (mpg123: Changes xterm title) Bug#82049: marked as done (man page has broken URLs) Bug#83907: marked as done (mpg123: It shouldn't change xterm title by default.) Bug#88727: marked as done (saytime has bug #88524 as well - uses /dev/audio, not supported by all soundcards) Bug#90106: marked as done (mpg123: doesn't restore xterm title on exit) Bug#92046: marked as done (mpg123: wish-list: compile mpg123.c with "#define SET_RT" enabled for soft-realtime capability) Bug#94415: marked as done (Description should be more informative) Bug#97040: marked as done (Standards-Version doesn't make sense) Bug#98387: marked as done (easytag: New upstream release) bugsx_1.08-6_i386.changes INSTALLED cgiemail_1.6-9_i386.changes INSTALLED clif_0.93-3_i386.changes INSTALLED clime_1.14.3.20010912cvs-1.1_i386.changes INSTALLED clime override disparity clisp_2.27-0.2_i386.changes INSTALLED cooledit_3.17.1-3.1_m68k.changes INSTALLED dcethreads_2.0.2-5_i386.changes INSTALLED dcethreads override disparity e3_2.0-2_i386.changes INSTALLED easytag_0.13-2_i386.changes INSTALLED epan_1.3.1-5_i386.changes INSTALLED freedce_1.1.0-4_i386.changes INSTALLED freedce override disparity gaspell_0.30-9_i386.changes INSTALLED gqmpeg_0.11.0-2.2_i386.changes INSTALLED gqmpeg_0.11.0-3_i386.changes INSTALLED grun_0.9.2-8_i386.changes INSTALLED gstalker_1.2-14_i386.changes INSTALLED gtkrecover_0.3-4_i386.changes INSTALLED gv_3.5.8-24_i386.changes INSTALLED hkgerman_2-11_i386.changes INSTALLED icebreaker_1.21-4_i386.changes INSTALLED icmake_6.22-2_i386.changes INSTALLED Invalid Maintainer: of gqmpeg [광고] 헨타이 천국 [판촉물,카렌다] packages님 안녕하십니까? [홍보] 지도자 추천 참여하기 libc_5.4.46-11_i386.changes INSTALLED libdb_1.85.4-7_i386.changes INSTALLED libdb override disparity libg++27_2.7.2.1-16_i386.changes INSTALLED libg++27 override disparity libhoard_2.1.0-1_i386.changes INSTALLED libpaper_1.1.3_i386.changes INSTALLED libsafe_2.0-9-1_i386.changes INSTALLED lynx_2.8.4.1b-2_i386.changes INSTALLED lynx-ssl_2.8.4.1b-2_i386.changes INSTALLED mdk_0.5-5_i386.changes INSTALLED mgdiff_1.0-16_i386.changes INSTALLED microwindows_0.88pre11-4_i386.changes INSTALLED microwindows override disparity mtools_3.9.8-5_i386.changes INSTALLED mtoolsfm_1.9-3-2_i386.changes INSTALLED mule2_2.3+19.34-18.1_i386.changes INSTALLED odb_0.2-3_i386.changes INSTALLED odb override disparity package "saytime" patch_2.5.4-7_i386.changes INSTALLED patchutils_0.2.7-2_i386.changes INSTALLED peruser_4b33-10_i386.changes INSTALLED plan_1.8.4-6_i386.changes INSTALLED Processed: again Processed: bug erroneously closed Processed: bugs all now resolved Processed: Changing severity Processed: commands Processed: done now Processed: Fixed in gtml 3.5.3 (submitter confirms) Processed: Fixed in NMU of clisp 1:2.27-0.3 Processed: Fixed in NMU of libhoard 2.1.0-2 Processed: Fixed in NMU of mozilla-locale-de-at 0.9.6-2 Processed: Fixed in NMU of saml 970418-9 Processed: Got microwindows to build on ppc Processed: Merging Processed: merging 116263 129461 Processed: merging 128669 129287 129414 Processed: merging 128669 129437 Processed: Ok, I can't type... (Re: Processed: Re: Bug#121179: xmms: segfaults) Processed: Reassigning to kdoc Processed: Re: Bug#121179: xmms: segfaults Processed: Re: Bug#128444: zope-zpatterns_0.4.3p2-0.2(unstable/sparc): build-depends on a package with interactive install Processed: Re: getty/init/X locking issues Processed: retitle 56650 to awe-netscape-libc6: use proper plugin paths Processed: severity of 27570 is wishlist Processed: severity of 54535 is wishlist, merging 27570 54535 Processed: stale Processed: tags Processed: This *is* serious Processed: Tidying up Processed: tkstep8.0 Processed: util-linux RC bug Processed: whee Processed: your mail Processing of epan_1.3.1-5_i386.changes Processing of microwindows_0.88pre11-4_i386.changes Processing of saytime_1.0-10_i386.changes Processing of saytime_1.0-11_i386.changes Processing of smupsd_0.9.1-7_i386.changes prosper_1.00.4-3_i386.changes INSTALLED psplpr bug with fix psptools_1.2.2-7_i386.changes INSTALLED psptools - extra bug - 4th message psptools perl script fixes enclosed pyrite-publisher_1.99.3-0.1_m68k.changes INSTALLED recover_1.3-2_i386.changes INSTALLED rmc_20010628CVS-4_i386.changes INSTALLED rmc override disparity saytime_1.0-10_i386.changes INSTALLED saytime_1.0-11_i386.changes INSTALLED si_1.0-8_i386.changes INSTALLED smupsd_0.9.1-7_i386.changes INSTALLED texdoctk_0.5.1-3_i386.changes INSTALLED tk-brief_5.6-2_i386.changes INSTALLED tkmail_4.0beta9-8_i386.changes INSTALLED tkstep8.0_8.0.4p2-5_i386.changes INSTALLED tkstep8.0 override disparity tmview_01.03-5.1_i386.changes INSTALLED tmview_01.03-5_i386.changes INSTALLED upsd_2.5-2_i386.changes INSTALLED util-linux_2.11n-3_i386.changes INSTALLED Verba Volant which xaw3d_1.5-10_i386.changes INSTALLED xcoral_3.40-2_i386.changes INSTALLED xdelta_1.1.3-3_i386.changes INSTALLED xmms-bumpscope_0.0.3.release-4_i386.changes INSTALLED xmms-goom_1.7.6-2_i386.changes INSTALLED xmms-synaesthesia_0.0.3-2_i386.changes INSTALLED xsnow_1.42-2_i386.changes INSTALLED xwpe_1.5.26a-3_i386.changes INSTALLED zope-emarket_0.2.0a4-1.2_i386.changes INSTALLED zope-emarket override disparity zope-guf_1.1.0-2_i386.changes INSTALLED zope-loginmanager_0.8.8b1-1.2_i386.changes INSTALLED zope-pythonmethod_0.1.7-3_i386.changes INSTALLED zope-renderable_1.0-0.2_i386.changes INSTALLED zope-zcvsmixin_0.1.4-2_i386.changes INSTALLED zope-zieve_0.0.3-2_i386.changes INSTALLED zope-znavigator_2.02-0.2_i386.changes INSTALLED zope-zpatterns_0.4.3p2-0.2_i386.changes INSTALLED zope-zpatterns_0.4.3p2-0.3_i386.changes INSTALLED zope-zwiki_0.9.6-0.2_i386.changes INSTALLED [광고]역술인상담 결혼? 주식투자? 건강? 직장? 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