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Bug#130802: gv: 'redisplay' is flaky


Some days ago, you've reported a bug with the "redisplay"-functionality
in gv. Since it seems that i will adopt the package in the nearby
future, it would be very helpfull to me to recieve an example postscript
file concerning this problem from you. Currently, i've already fixed
some of the other reported bugs for gv and hope that i can include them
all in the next release.

Thnx in advance.


Christian Kesselheim

infeurope S.A.
62, rue Charles Martel
L-2134 Luxembourg
Tel: (+352)
Fax: (+352)
GSM: (+ 49) 177.206.1004

Web: www.infeurope.lu

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	- Al Viro on #kernelnewbies

pub  1024D/74EA7E47 2001-02-27 Christian Kesselheim <Christian@Kesselheim.com>
     Key fingerprint = 1CAA 0B73 1419 F3DE 0B91  A6F2 813E AA91 74EA 7E47
uid                            Christian Kesselheim <ckesselh@infeurope.lu>
sub  2048g/A34BB77E 2001-02-27

Linux ckesselh 2.4.16-xfs #1 Tue Dec 18 17:05:25 CET 2001 i686 unknown

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