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psplpr bug with fix

psptools debian package
psplpr bug about line 820

important, simple

The /usr/bin/psplpr perl script does not work
and completely stops unless these 
changes are made to the psplpr command line
parser section. Notice the single dash and the
long option specification are a contradiction.

#    } elsif ($args[0] eq "-${lopt_prefix}lpr") {
} elsif ($args[0] eq "--${lopt_prefix}lpr") {

	$used_prog_lpr = $prog_lpr;

#    } elsif ($args[0] eq "-${lopt_prefix}lp") {
} elsif ($args[0] eq "--${lopt_prefix}lp") {

	$used_prog_lpr = $prog_lp;

The bad code is commented out and the subsequent line is the new good code.


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