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Bug#130084: german template file [playmidi 2.4-2]

On 21/01/02, Sebastian Feltel wrote:
> On Sun, 20 Jan 2002 18:21:19 +0100, Christian Kurz wrote:
> >On 20/01/02, Sebastian Feltel wrote:
> >>  oder anderen Anwendungen erlaubt, Midi-Dateien abzuspielen. Da playmidi
> >>  noch keine vollständige Konfigurationsdatei besitzt, sollten Sie jetzt
> >>  die für diese Funktion notwendigen Angaben machen.

> >I would suggest replacing everything starting after the comma with
> >"sollten Sie nun alle Optionen angeben die für ihre Soundkarte notwendig
> >sind." Otherwise the translation sounds very strange to a native german
> >speaker.

> Probably you are right but I asked some people about this sentence and
> nobody was confused.

Hm, at least I would be very confused if I read suddenly about "diese
Funktion" and "notwendie Angaben", I would wonder which function is
meant and which statements I now need to make. Reading about "Optionen"
and "Soundkarte" suggest clearly what I need to specify now. But feel
free to use what you like, it was simply a suggestion, which can be

> >>  Wenn Sie ein externes Midi-Gerät, eine Ensoniq SoundScape, eine Turtle
> >>  Beach WaveFront oder aber eine WaveBlaster Soundkarte haben, dann
> >>  verwenden Sie '-e'.

> >I would suggest removing the "aber" from this sentence.

> >>  Andernfalls lassen Sie diese Angabe leer; viele Karten funktionieren auch

> >And here I would to use "Andernfalls versuchen Sie keine Optionen
> >anzugeben --" instead of "Andernfalls lassen Sie diese Angabe leer",
> >because the translation is otherwise not correct.

> Why is this not correct? I don?t see any reason.

Because you didn't translate the word "try". In the english description
it's obvious that you can try to leave the field blank and see if it
works. The german translation instead says that I should leave the field
blank and see if everything works. So the english description points out
that the user only can try this but maybe still needs to pass an option,
which is not obvious in the german one.


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