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psptools - extra bug - 4th message


Bug report-
Package: psptools
File: /usr/bin/psplpr - perl script for ppd parser
Location: psplpr line 925

I have found the -Pprinter option from upstream is also broken.
My fix for -P printer option works not the stock -Pprinter option.
I mentioned my fix in the previous three messages. I thought
the stock -Pprinter option worked except now find that is broken too.
The psplpr was probably using an extraneous environment variable
for PRINTER= instead of the command line option specified.

Be sure to use psplpr -P printer myfile.ps and 
not the broken psplpr -Pprinter myfile.ps form.

Also, be sure to run mkppddir in the ppd dir and use the printer
name found in the ppd.dir file as the :ty="Printer Name": within the
printcap. The psplpr should work then. Unfortunately, I don't know
enough perl to fix psplpr line 925. Sorry.

Really the end this time, I hope,

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