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Bug#111285: patch: clisp on Alpha

  The following patch lets clisp build on alpha (sid) as per the bug
report 111285; I picked this bug up because it was marked 'help' and I
have an Alpha.  However before today I've never done any lisp and thus
while it builds, seems to run and apparently does floating point square
roots I can't be sure it is triggering this code  I'd be happy to try
some tests if you want.

More to the point I don't know why this is only triggered on Alpha; the
problem seems to be due to declearing the DS wurzel variable in the
middle of a block; but the macros seem to insert blocks automatically in
some places - but not this one (It opened a new block after the var DS
wurzel line).

I should at this point out that as well as not knowing lisp I also don't
know German and that Google's translation was very useful (if a little



--- clisp-2.27/src/dfloat.d.predag	Sat Jan 26 20:37:51 2002
+++ clisp-2.27/src/dfloat.d	Sat Jan 26 20:41:52 2002
@@ -1372,11 +1372,11 @@
       exp = exp >> 1; # exp := exp/2
         var uintD mant [128/intDsize];
+        var DS wurzel;
+        var bool exactp;
         SAVE_NUM_STACK # num_stack retten
-        var DS wurzel;
-        var bool exactp;
         UDS_sqrt(&mant[0],128/intDsize,&mant[128/intDsize], &wurzel,
         # wurzel = isqrt(2^74_75 * mant), eine 64-Bit-Zahl.

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