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Bug#128444: zope-zpatterns_0.4.3p2-0.2(unstable/sparc): build-depends on a package with interactive install

James Troup <james@nocrew.org> writes:

> Please don't build-depend on zope, it's postinst is interactive which
> means it can't be installed by build daemons.  Gregor suggested a
> better solution in #86722 (namely that the needed header files be
> copied to zope-zpatterns source), please use that instead.

I grant that this is a better solution, but it's not clear to me why
it's "serious".  Policy doesn't have any such rule at present.
(Though, indeed, I would supporting adding such a rule.)

Or, another way to put it is: This is a QA package, it would be very
helpful if all Debian developers would help by submitting patches for
RC bugs in it.  Especially if there isn't a really solid case for the
bug being RC in the first place. :)

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