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Bug#118206: awe-drv: sfxload is located in /usr/bin

In bug #118206, you wrote (by the way, please put the bulk of bug
reports in the message body and not all in the subject line):
> sfxload is located in /usr/bin.  However, when needed by post-install
> scripts (such as after awe_wave) at bootup, /usr hasn't been mounted
> yet for systems that differentiate between / and /usr.  A location
> such as /bin would get around this.

/etc/rcS.d/README says:

  The following sequence points are defined at this time:

  * After the S40 scripts have executed, all local file systems are mounted
    and networking is available. All device drivers have been initialized.

I suggest you run your initialization script either after S40 in
/etc/rcS.d or in /etc/rc[2-5].d. Is there some special reason why you
have to run it before local file systems are mounted?

I don't think sfxload should be moved to the root filesystem.


Colin Watson                                  [cjwatson@flatline.org.uk]

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