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apt offline Booting The Debian GNU/Hurd get locked Bug#291307: hurd-dev: libpthread.a is not a linker script Re: console translator set without encoding cool... K8 started ... corrupt baseGNU.tgz in K8 CD1 and mini Entropy FTBFS: Mozilla on GNU/Hurd with patches GNUAB news RE: GNU/Hurd K8 Hangs .... GNU/Hurd K8 Hangs at boot hotmail delete how can i join in the community.. hurd_20040508-6_hurd-i386.changes ACCEPTED Hurd DVD Re: hurd not booting hurd override disparity icon-9.4.2 Implemented architecure aliases (Was Re: RFC: patch to split System/Cpu in dpkg) krb4 magic uid with ftpfs MySQL Norton Antivirus for half a welcome price in your soft magazine ! (no subject) no te olvides nowebm-2.10c openldap2 OSKit-Mach boot failure PostgreSQL Processed: VT_ACTIVATE et al. will not get implemented on the Hurd Processing of hurd_20040508-6_hurd-i386.changes Re: Registration is accepted repeated. 'I have a RFC: patch to split System/Cpu in dpkg Some packages that compiled fine for hurd-i386 Re: SSH server nоt work SSH server nоt work Re: Thanks for your work the tight embrace of Re: Wanted Hurd installation CDs - student in kerala, INDIA website updates The last update was on 20:08 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 102 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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