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Re: openldap2

Christopher Bodenstein a écrit :

Hello folks,

When trying to rebuild the openldap2 package I was rather surprised that
all it took was to add a LIBS = -lpthread into the debian/rules
So, it would be nice if someone else could try to rebuild it as well
just to make sure :)
I did a few days ago, and you're right, that's the only problem w.r.t.
the package in itself. But your fix is not right, AFAICS.
configure already detects the fact that we need -lpthread, and put
-lpthread on $LTHREAD_LIBS. You then need to modify every
Makefile.in to link with LTHREAD_LIBS if they need to. That
is done for most Makefile, but a few lacks this. See below the patch
that I was going to submit to the openldap2 maintainer. (hope the
patch appears OK, otherwise you can find it on
http://mmenal.nerim.net/openldap2.diff )

Anyway, I include the diff to the debian/rules at the end of the mail
(and inline to make everyone happy ;)

There is another "problem", which is that openldap2 build-deps
to libsasl2-dev, provided by cyrus-sasl2, which in turn build-deps
to libldap2-dev. That's no problem really, you just need to build
cyrus-sasl2 without LDAP support, then build openldap2, then
rebuild cyrus-sasl2 with LDAP support. Yeah, it sucks. :)

The actual packages are apt-gettable at http://packages.physicman.net/
as usual ;)
I was going to put the built packages on http://packages.hurdfr.org
today. But if you have cyrus-sasl2 built with LDAP support and
openldap2 with SASL support, then thanks, that avoids me a
rebuild :-)

Best regards,

diff -Nurp openldap2-2.1.30.orig/libraries/libldap/Makefile.in openldap2-2.1.30/libraries/libldap/Makefile.in --- openldap2-2.1.30.orig/libraries/libldap/Makefile.in 2005-01-24 22:21:08.000000000 +0100 +++ openldap2-2.1.30/libraries/libldap/Makefile.in 2005-01-24 22:24:16.000000000 +0100
@@ -36,8 +36,9 @@ LIB_DEFS = -DLDAP_LIBRARY


apitest:       $(XLIBS) apitest.o
       $(LTLINK) -o $@ apitest.o $(LIBS)

Manuel Menal

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