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Re: Booting The Debian GNU/Hurd get locked

Maybe I didn't explain myself well:

I can boot (load it to the memory and start run it) the gnumach microkernel (with the same parameters that in your grub_0.92). But somewhere in the boot process, the system stops and not responding (I copied to here the last message from the screen). I don't think it's connected with my grub, but I think it's something with my hardware/partitions VS hurd/gnumach.



Philip Charles wrote:

On Thu, 20 Jan 2005, Yuval Tanny wrote:

Philip Charles wrote:

You will need to boot into your Hurd system to run ./native-install.  This
needs to be done twice.


That's my problem. I can't boot into the Hurd system.

The simple way to go about solving this is to grab grub_0.92 from
www.copyleft.co.nz/grub_0.92 and copy it to a floppy.  It has all the boot
paramiters and you will only have to edit it so it can locate the hurd

Sorry, I have not replaced it with the 0.94 version.  Must put the grub
iso up as well.


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