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Re: Some packages that compiled fine for hurd-i386

On Sun, Jan 23, 2005 at 11:26:55PM +0100, Michael Banck wrote:
> Hello,
Hello Michael,

> First, off, thanks a lot for your patch and the decision to contribute!
Thanks for your long comment :)

> There are some minor issues pertaining to the formalities, which I'd
> like to point out:
> * First off, please do not send gzipped patches to Hurd lists. Most
> people on the lists don't tend to look gzipped patches. Also, people
> seem to like inlined (i.e. directly in the mail body, as opposed to
> attached) patches, but this is up to you.
I've actually tried to send the patch not gzipped but it didn't get
through, so I thought I was hitting a size limit and gzipped it.


> Now, for the actual patch :)
> It's a bit awkward to review the patch as is, as it generates new files
> in debian/patches, which itself contain the real patch. I am not too
> sure how to proceed here, perhaps it is best to decouple the process.
> I.e. first send the actual patch for the source packages and then
> (optionally) a proposed patch for the Debian package. 
I started putting the patches into debian/patches after I noticed some
packages remove the source tree and extract it again from the tarball in 
the package building process (and of course deleted any changes I'd made
to the sources ;)

But I'll only send to actual patches in the future :)

> So I propose you resend a cleaned up non-Debian version of the patch to
> help-hurd@gnu.org, soliciting review. Afterwards (in general), you can
> send a proposed patch for the Debian package (adopted to the respective
> build system and taking into account possible changes to debian/control
> or debian/rules and so on) to this list until further notice.
I've sent the patch to help-hurd@gnu.org and now waiting for comments
and flames ;)


> Again, thanks for your work! Does ssmtp work well for you?
Well, it works for me, but I don't send lots of mails through that
machine. But no problems so far.

> cheers,
> Michael

Thanks for the insightful comments. :)

Best regards,


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