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Re: console translator set without encoding

Danilo Segan, le dim 23 jan 2005 01:44:25 +0100, a dit :
> Using normalized forms would then simply be up to the writer and
> reader, just as it is up to the writer and reader today to check for
> all of "Music", "music", "mUSIC" and similar when a user actually
> searches for his music directory.

No !

Normalized form take care of glyphs that really can be coded several
different ways: for instance, latin e with acute accent may be directly
coded as 'é', but in unicode, may also be coded as 'e' followed by the
combining acute accent. These are really *two* ways to code *exactly*
the same thing (on the displaying point of view: an 'e' with an acute
accent above it). Hence normalization is needed to match both.


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