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GNUAB news


Phil finished uploading the K8 CD series, they are now in place.

Downloaded and put the K7 DVD (will do the same with K8 DVD once
it's available) into place, the problem is that current apache in
Debian does not support LFS, so the only methods to download it is
via rsync or ftp.

Added as well Release file support so now we can use debootstrap
and friends.

And mirrored Wojciech A. Koszek new Debian GNU/Hurd Bochs image
and HOWTO.

Original:	<http://freebsd.czest.pl/dunstan/Hurd/>
Mirror:		<http://ftp.gnuab.org/pub/debian/bochs/>

The udeb split is next on my stuff TODO on GNUAB. Santiago anyway
they have been listed on the normal Packages files from the
beginning (and sorry for the delay :), but now that the Packages
files are generated from the .changes files they should be a little
bit more accurate.


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