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Re: cool... K8 started ...

sathish kumar wrote:

i downloaded grub_0.92 from
http://www.copyleft.co.nz/links.html. it worked.

really feeling very happy to see the long awaited GNU
OS. :)

thanks a lot.
i check the whole OS and all the utilities
and will come back here.... :)

also another doubt,

(i dont know deep in kernels)
i heard that Mach kernel cannot be proceeded more for
GNU OS and L4 kernel should be rewritten for GNU OS.
i think what i'm asking is not perfect but u can
understand the meaning of what i'm asking.

please can anyone give me a clear picture or any link
to find info of differences of Mach kernel and L4
kernel and why they are changing from Mach to L4....




Here is a start:


You might also want to check out the Hurd wiki site, I think there is some info there about the L4 switch?



Barry deFreese
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