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Some packages that compiled fine for hurd-i386

Hello folks,

As Michael Banck suggested on irc that I should mention here the
packages I was able to compile without problems for the Hurd, I'm doing
so ;)

So, here is my list so far:

* gabber-0.8.8
* gnome-print-0.37
* gnomemm-1.2.4
* gqview-1.4.5
* gtkmm-1.2.10
* mutt-1.5.6
* opensp-
* python-apt-0.5.10
* sylpheed-1.0.0release

They can be found on http://packages.physicman.net/ or fetched with apt
deb(-src) http://packages.physicman.net/debianized experimental test

The other packages present there needed some tweaking, but I've got to
make some clean patches before they could be sent here ;)

Best regards,


 ,''`.  Christopher `Physicman' Bodenstein <cb@physicman.net>
 : :' :  Physicman.Net     :   http://www.physicman.net/ 
 `. `'   Debian GNU/Linux  :   http://www.debian.org/
   `-    Debian IPv6       :   http://debian.fabbione.net/

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