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Re: how can i join in the community..

sathish kumar <meet_sathish@yahoo.com> writes:

> please help me, how to start like what books and
> topics i have to study before i join, and how to
> contribute.. i'm new to this community contributions.

Just hang around.  Make sure you are subscribed to all mailing lists
and follow what is going on.  It might be hard to follow some-things,
but do not worry about that.  If you like IRC, there is #hurd on

Also you need to have GNU/Hurd installed.  The best thing you can do
is installing Debian GNU/Hurd, K8 has been recently released so use
that.  Use it, learn about the special Hurd features, the problems,

If you find any bugs, you can try to fix them and send in a patch.  If
you think something is missing, start a discussion on the relevant
mailing list.  And when you want to implement a new feature, ask on the
mailing list if no one else is working on it already and start hacking.


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