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RFC: patch to split System/Cpu in dpkg


Please have a look at this patch I just sent to dpkg maintainers:


This should address all the concerns porters have had with limitations in dpkg
architecture handling during the past few years.  I've tested it extensively
(tried _every_ combination I can concieve), but more testing is welcome of

Independently on wether the dpkg maintainer accepts to apply it to experimental
branch currently, we'll have to send a proposal to ammend Policy.  I'm looking
for Debian developers to second me on this.  Please let me know if this is the

Quoting from the patch header:

  With this patch, dpkg understands the following syntax for debian/control
  (while maintaining full backwards compatibility).  Some examples:

    Build-Depends: bin86 [cpu: i386]

  ..where "bin86" is required only on _cpu_ i386 with any kernel (unlike [i386]
  which silently implies linux).

    Build-Depends: kernel-headers-2.4 [system: linux]

  ..where "kernel-headers-2.4" is required only on linux-gnu systems, on any

  Analogously, the "Architecture" field is split.  Some examples:

    Package: grub
    Cpu: i386
    System: any

    Package: modutils
    Cpu: any
    System: linux

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