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SSH server nоt work

If I connect with "ssh srr@hurd", then in /var/log/auth.log:

Jan 28 08:15:46 hurd sshd[264]: Accepted publickey for srr from port 59248 ssh2 Jan 28 08:15:46 hurd sshd[266]: fatal: buffer_uncompress: inflate returned -3

if "ssh -oCompression=no srr@hurd", then
Jan 28 08:18:51 hurd sshd[270]: Accepted publickey for srr from port 59274 ssh2

In both cases on client side:
Connection to hurd closed by remote host.
Connection to hurd closed.

ssh v 3.6.1p2-10
hurd 0.3 gnumach 1.3 - K8

Renat Sabitov   e-mail: r_sabitov@mail.ru
                   jid: srr@jabber.ru

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