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[no subject] Bug#108587: May packages rm -rf subdirectories of /etc/ ? Bug#108587: Summary Bug#129726: marked as done (dpkg: conffile handling broken) Bug#133517: marked as done (dpkg --compare-versions returns always true) Bug#171619: marked as done (Dpkg could refine conflicts line) Bug#185054: marked as done (dpkg: /usr/bin/md5sum < whatever_file --> '[md5sum string] -') Re: Bug#187733: dselect: doesn't update package list if an index file failes to download Bug#192043: acknowledged by developer (Nothing to do) Bug#192043: marked as done (Please add "overwrite all" and "overwrite all under subtree" replies to modified conffile options) Bug#192113: ssh: the tar file contains trailing "/"s Bug#196158: wrong patch, please wait for an update Bug#196318: marked as done (Restoring conffiles) Bug#197800: Er... Bug#198699: unreproduceable Bug#199376: Works here Bug#199489: md5sum: Last character of last filename truncated Bug#199651: dpkg/apt: when removing a package, purge it if no config files Bug#199694: md5sum: gets confused by empty lines at end of digest Bug#200351: dpkg: SEGV when using --set-selections and additional argument specified Bug#200454: dpkg-dev: an option for arch-indep only Bug#200683: dpkg: Build-Depends on pure virtual package libncurses-dev Bug#200701: dpkg fails if $HOME/.dpkg.cfg is unreadable Bug#200763: dpkg-split bad MD5 checksum Bug#201679: apt-get: dpkg cannot parse 'Depends' field of bsh Bug#201679: marked as done (apt-get: dpkg cannot parse 'Depends' field of bsh) Bug#201848: dpkg: if not enough disk space say so Bug#202247: Error parsing /var/cache/apt/available Bug#202247: More information Bug#202719: start-stop-daemon: --exec should also check the first argument of /proc/PID/cmdline Bug#202997: dpkg: Installing and disappearing a package in one go. Bug#203019: dpkg: inconsistant spacing in Setting up lines Bug#203557: /usr/sbin/update-alternatives: prompt unclear Bug#203560: /etc/alternatives/README: some alternatives are a big mystery Bug#203582: dpkg: links to /etc/alternatives not generated if alternatives exit already Bug#47267: Purging bind 9 does remove conffiles belonging to bind 9 Bug#93861: acknowledged by developer Bug#93861: dpkg-dev: yes please Bug#93861: marked as done (dpkg-buildpackage's -r<root gain command> should default to fakeroot) Bug#95579: dpkg-parsechangelog (Re: NEWS.Debian support is here) Bug#95579: NEWS.Debian support is here Depends: foo, bar, baz [hurd-i386, netbsd-i386] possible? Dpkg/Apt on LinuxFromScratch dpkg subarch patch gcc on a biarch system OT:translation issue Processed: Comment on #198699 Processed: dpkg bug tidying Processed: grm Processed: merge 193370 199376 192991 Processed: merge "not empty so not removed" bugs Processed: merging reports of s-s-d chroot bug Processed: merging requests that conffiles be merged Processed: merging wishes for chdir option Processed: merging wishes for conffile merge Processed: not unreproducible Processed: patch Processed: reassign 155456 dpkg Processed: reassign 201518 to dpkg Processed: reassign 201679 to dpkg Processed: reassign and merge Processed: reassigning 199426 to dpkg Processed: Re: Bug#192113: ssh: the tar file contains trailing "/"s Processed: Re: Bug#197800 Processed: Re: Bug#200701: apt-get install foo fails when invoked through sudo by a NFS homed user Processed: Re: Bug#203097: ardour_0.9beta2-3(powerpc/unstable): missing build-depends Processed: reopen Processed: Tag left over from merge/unmerge operations Processed: tags 10879 - moreinfo Processed: tags 47267 - moreinfo Processed: What support for Enhances: is still missing? Processed: wrong patch, please wait for an update reassigning 199426 to dpkg sysv-rc - overwrite /etc/init.d/rc Re: your mail The last update was on 14:26 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 110 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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