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Depends: foo, bar, baz [hurd-i386, netbsd-i386] possible?


please Cc: me as I am not reading debian-dpkg. Thank you.

I do have a package (muttprint) which in the next version needs
an extra little program to determine under which environment
(charset etc.) it runs.

Under Linux or glibc-based systems that could be done with a perl
script; on others a little C program is needed.

So, muttprint is Arch: all, so I could put this perl helper app into
this package without any problems -- but only for Linux/glibc systems.

For the others I need the C program which I wanted to put into
muttprint-langinfo since I do not want to make muttprint Arch: any
which will affect all architectures of which the most could "live"
with the arch-independent perl script.

So muttprint would need no extra dependencies except on e.g. *bsd-*.

I tried Depends: ...., muttprint-langinfo [hurd-i386] as an simple test
but that does not work:

dpkg-deb: parse error, in file `debian/muttprint/DEBIAN/control' near
line 6 package `muttprint':
 `Depends' field, syntax error after reference to package  `muttprint-langinfo'
dh_builddeb: command returned error code 512

ok, I could just add muttprint-langinfo with Arch: any and depend: on
it but that seems senseless to me since it would contain on that
arch-independent perl script on the most platforms anyway...

Any ideas? Or is this impossible and I have to to the muttprint-langinfo
as Arch: any solution? :(


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