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Bug#192043: acknowledged by developer (Nothing to do)

On Thu, Jul 24, 2003 at 03:03:13AM -0500, Debian Bug Tracking System wrote:

> > It would be nice to have an option to overwrite all modified
> > conffiles for this package
> --force-confnew

I am sorry, but that is not quite what I requested. It would need to be
specified when dpkg is invoked; it also doesn't allow the user to say 'yes
to all under subtree', let alone 'no to all under subtree'.

What I envisioned was this:

- user does apt-get dist-upgrade
- dpkg starts, unpacks packages
- configuration phase begins
- user can select on a per-package, per-directory basis what to do with all
subsequent changed config files

--force-confnew doesn't come close. Please reopen the bug and add a
'wontfix' or 'help' tag if you don't feel like implementing the feature, but
don't just pretend there is nothing to do.



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