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(no subject) another 10% speedup to dpkg -S Bug#12135: /usr/doc/copyright/nvi Bug#18575: Alpha version of dpkg segv faults Bug#24630: marked as done (dpkg: Serious unpacking bug) Bug#29941: marked as done (dpkg: dpkg has too many bug reports) Bug#32608: marked as done (dpkg: start-stop-daemon should cd / first) Bug#33618: *multiple* packagess insist on dpkg upgrade Bug#33618: multiple* packagess insist on dpkg upgrade Bug#33659: dpkg-architecture in dpkg Bug#33659: dpkg-architecture, latest version Bug#36427: marked as done (dpkg corrupts its status files) Bug#36429: marked as done (files extracted by dpkg are corrupt) Bug#37254: dpkg: update-alternatives madness Bug#38393: Your dpkg patch for the assertion failure Bug#39157: marked as done (Eterm-backgrounds fails to unpack) Bug#40641: Bug#40650: dpkg: Show diff when upgrading a conffile Bug#40700: dpkg: Resizing dselect in xterm or rxvt causes crash Bug#40726: dpkg-dev: [PATCH] gpg with RSA keys in dpkg-buildpackage Bug#40810: dpkg: empty directories are not removed Bug#40977: dpkg fails to overwite and returns error Bug#40977: strace output of dpkg -i Bug#41054: [ patch: dpkg- on non-Debian, (partial) GNU systems] Bug#41427: marked as done (Odd failure to fsync() importanttmp) Bug#41427: Odd failure to fsync() importanttmp Bug#41554: dpkg: start-stop-daemon --pidfile behaviour doesn't match documentation Bug#41563: Invalid perl in "install-info" Bug#41576: dpkg for mips + cross compile fix Bug#41611: dpkg fails in process_queue Bug#41735: dpkg: Spanish translation has some terms which could be enhanced Bug#41808: dpkg: dpkg --configure -a dumps core Bug#41818: dpkg-dev: Required changes to dpkg source for Policy amendment in bug#41232 [PATCH] Bug#42061: sdr 2.6.3-1 depends on nonexistent package libcommon Bug#42125: changes to start-stop-daemon, dpkg-source Bug#42225: dpkg-dev: Install error Bug#42239: dpkg: start-stop-daemon needs an option to change UID category code Debian packages to upgrade for the new perl(s) Debian Release Critical Bugs Query Debian unattended installation? Re: dpkg and I18N dpkg and lchown dpkg doesn't like development kernels dpkg patches dpkg portability hacks dpkg v2 ? I haven't heard about it, but ... Re: dpkg v2 ? I haven't heard about it, but ... More patches Patch for dpkg-scansources / Packages without sources Processed: Processed: /usr/doc/copyright/nvi Processed: argh Processed: dpkg: update-alternatives madness Processed: dselect automatically deselects libc6 and essential packages Processed: Fixed in dpkg NMU Processed: Fixed now in my own tree Processed: Maintainer unknown Processed: More depend_try assertion failure Processed: Processed: Switching over to Jan. :-) Processed: Re: Bug#40641: Processed: Re: Bug#41611: dpkg fails in process_queue Processed: Re: Bug#41808: dpkg: dpkg --configure -a dumps core Reply to DPKGv2 mail Status of dpkg - a real maintainer releasae Suspecting permission bug in dpkg Re: Unattended installation Unidentified subject! up to 25% reduction in runtime of `dpkg -S' Updates to your dpkg tree The last update was on 08:30 GMT Sat May 11. There are 123 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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