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Bug#40977: dpkg fails to overwite and returns error

On Thu, Jul 08, 1999 at 01:53:04PM +0200, VALETTE Eric wrote:
> I've been using unstable for years and did not notice that...

That's your problem.  Reading the dpkg changelog, I see the following
changes to --force-overwrite in the past one and a half years:

  1999-05-26    - disabled (potato is unstable)
  1998-10-22   - enabled  (slink is about to be frozen)
  1998-06-24   - disabled (slink is unstable)
  1998-06-23 - enabled (hamm is frozen)
  1998-01-09   - disabled (hamm is unstable)
> Do you expect me to send a bug in 30% of packages??? 

If necessary.

> Why do debian
> maintainer not do the precheck via the file list instead of putting
> the work via deferred means on users shoulders...

Really, if all maintainers could check everything without forgetting things
or without noticing some things, there would be no bugs.  And we know how
probable that is, don't we.  Unstable is called unstable precisely because
it can break unexpectedly.

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