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dpkg and lchown

I just did a checkout of the dpkg-iwj tree to see what has been changed
in the NMU's that hasn't been incorporated. I came upon a couple of
items that I'm not sure about:

diff -nur /home/wichert/NMU/dpkg- dpkg-wta/lib/vercmp.c
--- /home/wichert/NMU/dpkg- Sun Nov  1 17:06:09 1998
+++ dpkg-wta/lib/vercmp.c   Sun Oct 25 23:25:25 1998
@@ -66,7 +66,7 @@
   int r;

   if (version->epoch > refversion->epoch) return 1;
-  if (version->epoch < refversion->epoch) return -1;
+  if (version->epoch < refversion->epoch) return 1;
   r= verrevcmp(version->version,refversion->version);  if (r) return r;
   return verrevcmp(version->revision,refversion->revision);

This looks like an important bugfix that hasn't been merged yet.

I also noted that although lchown is mentioned in the changelog I can't
find an autoconf test for lchown, dpkg still seems to use normal chown.
Is that an oversight?

A lot of code in controllib.pl to see who we are hasn't been merged;
haven't you gotten around to this or is that also intentional?

All the DEB_HOST_ARCH stuff is missing, I'll assume you will merge that
later as well?

The gpg support is also missing I see.

I've just seperated a couple of patches from the big patch so you can
include them seperately. I'll send them in a seperate mail.


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