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Re: Suspecting permission bug in dpkg

 I had an accident with `dired' last week; I had the cursor on a
 directory, went to recursively chown that dir using the `!'  command,
 and typed `chown user.group -R .' instead of `chown user.group -R *',
 and it recursed from `/' instead of the dir I had the cursor on.

 It would be nice if `dpkg' had a handy switch to restore ownership
 and permissions of `/var/**' and suchlike.  I believe that `rpm' has
 such a thing.  That, plus the `setuidregister' functionality, built
 into `dpkg' (or `dpkg2' or whatever) would be nice to have on
 occasions like this.

 I might try and hack `dired' and have it scan the command for this
 type of error...

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