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Bug#40700: dpkg: Resizing dselect in xterm or rxvt causes crash

Package: dpkg
Severity: important

When running dselect in an xterm (or rxvt) window, I go to '2. [S]elect', then
when I'm at the selection screen if I resize the window, dselect immediately
crashes with the error 'dselect: getch failed: Interrupted system call'. This
has always happened to me since I installed the system a few months ago. I'm
running the most current potato, and I apt-get upgrade every day or two.

-- System Information
Debian Release: potato
Kernel Version: Linux refuse 2.2.10 #1 SMP Mon Jun 14 21:09:16 PDT 1999 i686 unknown

Versions of the packages dpkg depends on:
ii  libc6           2.1.1-12       GNU C Library: Shared libraries and timezone
ii  libncurses4     4.2-3.2        Shared libraries for terminal handling
ii  libstdc++2.9-gl 2.91.66-2      The GNU stdc++ library (EGCS version)

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