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Re: Unattended installation

	So let me see if I have this right.  When dpkg installs
packages, they ask alot of questions, as determined by the
package maintainer.  This prohibits unattended installation. 
You are developing a protocol to have those questions answered ahead of
time?  And this needs to be integrated into the packages, thus even
when finished it will take a while to propagate?

I hadn't even thought of that yet...oops:)  

	We have 45 odd machines in a cluster that may be moving OS's from
month 2 month as people need.  I need a simple way to put in a single
disk, boot, and have the machine install from say NFS and apt over
night.  Now of course debconf will answer the question (questions) of
what happens the next morning, but what about a disk.  Is someone
working on a boot disk option?  Are there not a number of defaults that
need to be there too?   Maybe a scheme for defaults on the root disk.

	Anyway I would like to do some work here with a new menu system
or whatnot.  I of course do not want to reinvent the wheel, and would
like to contribute something useful to the project.  Having looked at
boot-floopies, who do I talk to next? Groups? etc

Sorry to ask you in specific

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