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Re: dpkg v2 ? I haven't heard about it, but ...

On Wed, 21 Jul 1999, Ian Jackson wrote:

> * I am actively working on dpkg.
> * I shall be releasing a new maintainer-upload of dpkg into unstable
> Real Soon Now (tm).

You've been telling this since october 1996.
The only upload you made between september 96 and now, was just a change
in the building environment.
The last one who actively worked on dpkg (and released his work) was Klee
in 97.
Do you have an estimate of what you call 'Real Soon Now(tm)'?

> * I am distinctly doubtful that the core functions of dpkg are likely
> to be rewritten competently in the near future.

So am I.
However, considering how dpkg is becoming outdated and buggy, it may soon
be wiser to rewrite it from scratch than trying to fix it.

> * I agree that there are changes needed.  Of the most urgent changes
> are:
>  - Reengineering of dependency checking so that it happens in one
>    place.
>  - Programmatic API for UI developers.
   - Fix the most problematic bugs.

We *really* need work to be done on dpkg, but the problem is that people
who say they work on it don't actually release anything, and the other
people are discouraged to send in patches to help because they know their
patches will be sitting in the BTS for ages...


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