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Re: Patch for dpkg-scansources / Packages without sources

At 14:41 +0200 1999-07-29, Richard Braakman wrote:
Raphael Hertzog wrote:
Package `libstdc++2.9' has no sources ...
Package `libg++2.8.2' has no sources ...
Package `libg++2.8.2-dev' has no sources ...

The current packages are libstdc++2.9-glibc2.1 and
libg++2.8.2-glibc2.1.  libstdc++2.9 and libg++2.8.2 will have to go
before the release, because we can't build them in potato anymore.

And those are due to be superceded as soon as gcc 2.95 comes.

happy about source-binary package relationships.  You should see how much
bogus output the scripts generate... there's the pcmcia stuff, the libc6.1

I have a crude hack to get every binary package glibc builds into the .dsc's Binary: line. It'd be easier if dpkg-genchanges didn't freak out over unused control paragraphs, though.
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