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Re: your dpkg tree

Wichert Akkerman writes ("your dpkg tree"):
> I just took a look at the changes you made last week in your dpkg tree
> to see what hasn't been incorporated yet. I ended up making a big patch
> with all the changes you haven't merged yet (640Kb!).


> How do you want that patch? I can send it in one big chunk to the BTS,
> or I can try to break it into pieces and submit those.

There's probably no point putting it into the BTS.
Also, if it's just a diff between the current NMU and my tree, then
there's no point mailing it to me - my CVS can tell me that too.

> I noticed you haven't incorporated the intl-code for some reason, which
> is a reasonably big portion of the patch. Did you do that for a specific
> reason?

Yes: the i18n stuff was added after the build system was, errm,
modified, and I need to learn how it works before putting it back in.

I think until I've done that we shouldn't try to make sense of the
diffs between my tree and the NMU tree, because (as you say) they're
full of mechanical i18n patches.

Perhaps we could run the whole thing through some seddery to take out
the _(...) around strings, and see if the answer comes out smaller.
But I hope to get the i18n done before this is necessary.

I think I probably won't release a version of my tree into unstable
without folding the i18n back in - certainly I won't if the existing
dpkg in unstable has working i18n.  (ie, doesn't coredump any more)


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