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Bug#41563: Invalid perl in "install-info"

Package: dpkg
Severity: normal

The "install-info" script contains the following Perl snippet (line
222) :

do {
    last if !@work;
    $_= shift(@work);
} until (m/^\*\s*Menu:/i);

However, "last" is not valid withing a do {} until block (See, for
example "Programming Perl", page 529).  This isn't normally a problem,
but if the info "dir" file is corrupt in some fashion, it's possible
that the "@work" array will be empty when this construct is reached, at
which point the Perl interpreter will exit with an error.

I suggest that the above loop be rewritten as:

do {
    push(@head, $_ = shift(@work)) if @work;
} until (!@work or m/^\*\s*Menu:/i)


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