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[no subject] Re: 怎樣把所有 user 的 locale 都改成 zh_TW.Big5? Re: 接著如何 (問題二個) Re: Where to place rc.local? Re: 接著如何 (問題二個) 關於developer.. 太喜劇了。。。。。。! 一切都搞定啦。:-) 全球53萬家進口商資料 全球53万家?口商?科 ?您??外?市埸! 在DEBIAN的確stable下有mod_perl嗎? 在linuxforum.net下的鏡像不全嗎? 如何下載debian? 如何恢復root密碼? 如何添加新的GB.cap到CJK中? Re: 建議成立中國大陸 GNU Debian/Linux 協會 怎麼退出到文本登陸方式? 怎麼認出鼠標? 黑客叔叔好! 想問問關于apache+mod_perl in debian的問題!! 新的potato非官方CD 誰用過SSL??? 誰有興趣在 CERNET 內再做幾個 Debian 的 ftp mirror? 關于 Debian 的 chinput 包的問題 關于配置apache使用cgi for debian的問題! 關于chinput 硅谷科技-全球?家?据?大革命 Re: DEBIAN最新版本什麼時候才出來呀??? sid上的gnome-terminal能不能顯示中文? Re: び尺????????? Re: wvdial ¯à§_¤ä«ù¦h±b¸¹¡H ¤¤¤å¤Æ Eterm 0.9.1 - FAQ ??外??避免的方式 [Fw. The Debian Description Translation Server] about 版本問題 about abiword printting...... about XF86 Balsa broken (by gdk bug)? bash invocation was Re: Re2: your mail Can't use chinese in sid/X4.1.0/kde2.2 Chinese in gnome-terminal? Re: Display Chinese under X11 Displaying Chinese and English in Licq dpkg po file translation is under progress. GB2312 X locale in unstable/test HELP Help about XDM Help me. hi!every body,nice to meet you! How to make emacs support syntax-highlight under console (maybe works under X11)? How to search package name with some files I can not use chinese in sid is it possible to put xcin and minichinput/chinput to work at the same time Job opportunity for freelance translators- English>Traditional Ch inese loading chinput ... Merge GB and Big5 Fonts... new cjk console Problems with chinese chars problems with tcl/tk apps rxvt.cjk problem Re[3]: Thanks for your help! unmet dependence upgrade kernel 2.2.18pre21 to 2.4.7 Re: Where to place rc.local? Where to place rc.local? wvdial 能否支持多帳號? X4.1.0 xfce & zwincontrol Re: your mail zhcon 0.14 已經進入debian unstable 怎樣把所有 user 的 locale 都改成 zh_TW.Big5? 接著如何 (問題二個) The last update was on 15:11 GMT Sun May 05. There are 199 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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