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Re: loading chinput ...

I followed what you said, but still got the same problem. Maybe I didn't
do it correctly.

> cat your ~/.xsession-error, see if you have the font installed.

I cat it and no complains about font.

> It could also be a problem with Xlibs' big5 locale support or glibc's
> locales support. Most likely xlib. You can post your 
> /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/locale/zh_TW.big5/XLC_LOCALE here or

It is attached below.

> apt-get install --reinstall xlibs

I have reinstalled.

> Make sure you can use xfontsel to view the font which chinput trys
> to load.

I got a pop-up window by "xfontsel -fn big5", though there is a Warning: 
"Cannot convert string "big5" to type FontStruct"


Zou Min 

# (c) 1996, X11R6 L10N for Taiwan and Big5 Encoding Project
# modified for X11R6.3 by Hung-Chi Chu <hcchu@r350.ee.ntu.edu.tw> 1998/01/10
# $XFree86: xc/nls/XLC_LOCALE/zh_TW.big5,v 1.1 1999/08/28 09:00:41 dawes Exp $
#	XLC_FONTSET category
#       fs0 class (7 bit ASCII)
fs0     {
        charset {
                name    ISO8859-1:GL
        font    {
                primary         ISO8859-1:GL
                vertical_rotate all
#       fs1 class
fs1     {
        charset {
                name    BIG5-0:GLGR
        font    {
                primary BIG5-0:GLGR
				substitute BIG5-0:GLGR

#	XLC_XLOCALE category

encoding_name		zh_TW.Big5
mb_cur_max		2
state_depend_encoding	False

wc_encoding_mask	\x00008000
wc_shift_bits		8

use_stdc_env		True
force_convert_to_mb	True

#	cs0 class
cs0	{
	side		GL:Default
	length		1
	wc_encoding	\x00000000
	ct_encoding	ISO8859-1:GL

#	cs1 class
cs1	{
	side		none
	length		2
	byte1		\xa1,\xf9
	byte2		\x40,\x7e;\xa1,\xfe

	wc_encoding	\x00008000
	ct_encoding	BIG5-0:GLGR:\x1b\x25\x2f\x32\x80\x89\x42\x49\x47\x35\x2d\x30\x02

	mb_conversion	[\xa140,\xf9fe]->\x2140
	ct_conversion	[\x2140,\x79fe]->\xa140


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