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Problems with chinese chars


Problem: when changing the default language to zh_TW.Big5 and charset to 
big5 in KDE, the cpu usage goes up to 100% and I have to wait for several 
minutes for every window redraw.

Installation: ar pl fonts, x-ttcidfont-conf, xfs-xtt. All updated 
yesterday. The displaying of chinese chars has never worked before...
Distribution is sid.
The chars are displayed correctly.

The modifications step by step:
1. set the fonts in KDE to a ar pl font. Which one doesn't matter, on all 
four fonts the system suddenly slows down. Maybe it's a rendering problem...
2. set language to zh_TW.Big5 in KDE. The system slows down even more...
3. set the charset to big5-0. Now I have to wait for several minutes until 
a window is redrawn.

When I change back to language C and charset iso8859-1 everything works 

X-ttcidfont-conf is set to xtt, before it was to freetype.
It doesn't matter if I use xfs-xtt or not, the result is the same.

Any hits?

PS: Usually I want to keep my system in english, but I want to display 
chinese chars in kmail, so I need to set the charset to big5-0. And that 
slows down the system dramatically...

And what I'm worried about is, that when I change the settngs to chinese 
the cpu is used for 100% (X 40%, Xfs-xtt 20%, kmail 30%, rest 10%) for the 
whole time... the average window drawing time was about 3 minutes!



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