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Re: Help about XDM

Sorry, something was wrong with my last post so that it appears
ugly. :)

thanks for all the help, now I seems to find the way around, but still
confused. :) 

I checked the ~/.xsession-error file and it contains something like :

xlib : connection to disply 0.0 refused.
xkeymap : connection to disply 0.0 refused.
unable to open display 0.0

Then I switched to tty1 , login and typed '/etc/init.d/xdm stop' to
shutdown the xdm, then type 'startx' , then it works fine, I can also
start gnome manually or put it in the xinitrc file (and comment out the
xsession line), then I installed gdm (which require removing xdm),
then anything works fine. I can reboot my box and see the lovely gnome
login interface, login to enjoy the gnome desktop. :)

But if reinstall xdm again, then back to hell, there is an infinite
loop for me, strange! Is there anything wrong with xdm configuration?
I just type 'xdm' to configure it, which should be OK for the common
case. Does anyone have some hints?


Yongtao Yang

email: yangyongtao@yahoo.com

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