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loading chinput ...

Hi, friends,
I am a new user of Debian Chinese tools.
Previous, I was able to use chinput to input GB chinese without any problem. 
Recently, I did an upgrade in Debian unstable branch. Now, my system contains
chinput 3.0.2-2
xlibs 4.1.0-2
(if you need more info, just tell me)

Also I have already fixed the bug in /usr/lib/X11/locale/locale.dir.
However, I still can't load chinput, the error message is:
"Error : Create Big5 FontSet!" (though I don't intend to input Big5 chinese)

I think I should have Big5 font in my system as I could load chinput before
the upgrading.

Can someone enlighten me? TIA.


Zou Min 
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