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Re: 接著如何 (問題二個)

¡i ¦b MarkSEX (¤¸¦ë§Q­s) ªº¤j§@¤¤´£¨ì: ¡j
: ¡i ¦b evil (µL¦W) ªº¤j§@¤¤´£¨ì: ¡j
: : you firstly need to find somebody to sponsor you, e.g.
: : foka here or zzzz. then they'll help you thru the process
: : and you can easily fidn them here.
: : send a "ITA: [package name]" to debian-devel and see
: : if any repsonse - if any,  well, read them, ( no news
: : is good news :P) if none, go ahead and get help!
: Thank you. so I should wait more until someone can give
: me some comment/reference.
: Anyway, thankx again.

Hello MarkSEX,

I don't know if you are the same person or not, but I wonder
if you received my e-mail which I sent you a day or two ago.
Just in case my e-mail got rejected by your mail server,
here it is again.  If you are the same individual, please e-mail me.

The following is the response that I wrote a day or two ago:

On Mon, Jul 30, 2001 at 04:02:30AM +0800, ???????? wrote:
>    I made two package for Debian, which is for #32xxx,
> I have already submited it to 32xxx@ and debian-devel@
> mailing list, I haven't receive any responese till now,
> I want to know is it I did any wrongs, or can you point
> some correct reference ?

I have just downloaded your packages, but haven't looked at them yet. :-)
I'll try to check them out soonish.  :-)

Nonetheless, you may want to re-title the bug report from "RFP: ..."
to "ITP: ..." so that others will know the packages have been taken
care of.  See http://www.debian.org/devel/wnpp/ for more information.

>    Anyway, I have read the nm-guide and some releated
> documents many time, but I still don't know what I can
> do at this time, if you're free, can you give me some
> comment ?

First of all, go to http://nm.debian.org/ and click on "Apply"
and fill in the form so that you can get on the queue.  I'll be your
"advocate".  However, I probably won't be your application manager,
because I won't have time to do so in the foreseeable future.

The queue is considerably shorter than before, and I hope you'll be assign
an application manager to process your application.

Nonetheless, if you have any question, I'll try to help.
Good luck!


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