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Re: 接著如何 (問題二個)

¡i ¦b evil@linuxhall.org (Lamer) ªº¤j§@¤¤´£¨ì: ¡j
: marksex wrote:
: > if newbie don't learn to packing packages, how they
: > can grown up the skill ?
: If you are newbie to the extent of unable to understand the
: NM guide, i suggest that firstly you should familiarize yourself
: with all the debian tools I.e. dh_* and dpkg-*, apt-*, and
: last but not least, lintian.
: and no one expect newbie to package something - if they want
: to, they should first try to know the system - and not doing the
: thing straightly. to be a packager, you need the following skills:
: - knowing what's going on with 'Makefile'
: - autoconf (maybe)
: - the file system structure
: if you don't have it, simply consult the NM guide, it has pointers
: everywhere.
I told you, I did the package, who said I don't understand
these dh* or dpkg* command ? Hey, don't believe that only you
have experience here !

I have the experience you won't believe and you were never
can be same as me.. :-)

: > I think you should think again, is Debian only accept
: > people who is Linux expert, and not newbie..
: Debian do not need to accept anybody, and i don't have any
: opinion in it as debian is a free operating system in which
: everyone have the _right_ to use it. it's free, isn't it?
yep, it free, but you're doing something that rejecting newbie
here, don't you think so ?

How about we can make a vote, I am sure 90%+ agree with me..
do you want to have a try ?

: > oohh.. I am really very stupid, BUT PLEASE POINT ME
: caps hurts, if you don't know.
: I have no idea why you won't figure out where you can study
: the nm guide, if i am to suggest, i suggest reading the whole
: thing.
Don't assume I know nothing, please..
Quote from my first post, I am asking 'what next if I submited
to debian-devel@' with no responese, and is if correct to submit

The nh-guide is for newbie who haven't get the accout, deep into
it, specially the part 'How to upload your package', it require
a account to access *.debian machine. From the developer-reference,
NMU ?  I made the package the for closeing a request (bug ?), and
asking how to take orphaned packages, seems you're not answering
my question, but give me a side-kick that 'Get out on my way, NEWBIE!'.

: > Play smart ?  you know..
: If you are playing smart, you won't have problem with the NM guide
: as it's written in plain english. You remind me the sco guy who
: try to apply as a debian developer who send his ssh key on request
: of getting his key - it should be a gpg key, eh?
Why you always assume me that I know nothing about English, and
don't have the abilities to understand English ?
Why you can't think 'there are not enough resource/information
for newbie to continue ?'
Don't show me how many you know which not answering my questions,
I think I am asking my "newbie" question politely, but you're now,
at least, what I feels is this, if you really want to help these
newbie, please leave here, you're destroying the image, and giving
bad image to new-visitor. I am first time in this list, you totally
gave me this feeling.

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